Here at Control Solutions & Design we offer a variety of services. Not only do we carry Idaho’s largest inventory of Controls, Valves & Gas Regulators, we also offer the following services to assist you:

  • Automation & Control Systems Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • Combustion Systems & Gas Regulator/Flow Meter Sizing
  • Control System Documentation
  • Gas Monitoring Sensing Solutions
  • Instrument Configuration, Calibration, & Testing
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Project Consultations
  • Software Integration Solutions
  • Control System Evaluation
  • Training
  • Valve Actuator Assembly, Sizing, & Testing
  • Wire/Specialty Cables sales & Applications

If you want to learn more about the custom service and care we can offer you, please contact us! We strive for fast same day service.

To learn more about the brands of equipment we carry, please see the links below or click here to download a PDF copy of our line card.

Click on any of the Manufacturer’s logo and you will be linked to their website and additional current product resource material.

Sensors and Interfaces

Temperature, Relative Humidity, Electric Current, Pressure, Process Signals, Pulse Frequency, Power Quality Wireless sensors & / IO solutions

ACR Systems

World Class Data Loggers that Measure and Record Temperature, Relative Humidity, Electric Current, Pressure, Process Signals, Pulse Frequency, Power Quality

Crossroads Air / Combustion Gas Pressure Switches

Solenoid Gas, Air Steam, & Water Valves

Combustion Analyzers & Test Tools

Direct Coupled Damper Actuators, & Control Valves Solutions

I/P & E/P Industrial Transducers & PRV’s

Point, Continuous, Bulk Level Instruments

Geothermal Heat Pump Solutions (FHP)

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Commercial & Industrial Air Flow Switches

Formally NORTEC Humidifer Solutions Steam Humidifiers Controls, & Cylinders

Delta Lightning Arrestors, Protecting Your Equipment from mother nature

Power, Ignition Transformers

Dwyer Instruments & Controls

Ecobee WiFi EMS Touchscreen T-stat Solutions

Liebert UPS stations & Islatrol Active Tracking Filters – Power quality Solutions

Industrial Instruments for Process Management & Control Rosemount

EXM Eurobex NEMA Enclosures & Electrical Junction Boxes polycarb encl covid19 shields

Commercial Water Source & Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps

Flame Safeguard, Parallel Positioning Systems, & Combustion Safety Controls

Digital Testing Meters

Relays, Current Sensors, Transformers, & Power Supplies

Compressed Air Dryers & Filters

Automatic flow control valves, Hose kit Solutions

Snowmelt, Zone controls, Wireless Solutions

Industrial Gas Detection, Toxic, Flammable, Combustible, Wireless

All Products, Building Management, Valves, Actuators, Controllers, Field Devices & Transmitters

Thermal Solutions, Gas Valves, Burner Management, Flame Safety, Combustion Flame Systems & Devices such as the RM7800 series controllers.

Industrial Gas Detection Systems & Instruments

Phase Monitors, Timers, Power protection Controls for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating

PLC’s, Touchscreens, Smart Relays, Power Supplies, Relays, Timers, Pilot Lights & Switches

Time Clocks, Timers

All Products, Valves, Actuators. Controllers

Relief Safety Valves

Fuses, Distribution Blocks, Splicer Blocks, Fuse Holders

Pneumatic Air Valves

Fixed Gas Detectors for Carbon Monixode, Nitrogen Dioxide & Combustible Gases Industrial and Commercial products

Gas Pressure Regulators, Control Components

Burners, Combustion SSOV Valves/Actuators

Boiler Safety Controls, Level, LWCO, Flowswitches, & Pump Controllers

Earthquake Actuated Gas Safety Shutoff Valves

Terminal Blocks, Signal Conditioners, Relays,& Wireless I/O Solutions

Gas Regulator & Metering Solutions

RTD’s, Thermocouples, Transmitters & Specialty Wire

Building Automation and Control, Valves & Actuators

Gas Pressure Regulators & Turbo Flow Meters

Premium Accurate Pressure Transmitter Solutions

VFD’s, Motor control, automation & HVAC Products

Duct Smoke Detectors & Accessories

VFD Line Reactors, Filters & Harmonic Guards

Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Pressure, Flue Gas Analyzers, Combustion Analyzers, Test Equipment

Integration Hardware & Software Solutions

Humidity Transmitters, Temperature, Pressure, Dewpoint, Calibration Test Equipment

Current Sensors, KW Metering & Humidity Transmitters

Warren Controls Valves for a wide vairety of commercial, industrial, military and OEM customers

Energy Efficient Lighting Controls

Gauges, Temperature & Pressure